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Mary performed this evening at a mothers-daughters dinner at the Reformed Church in Berne. I got to share dinner in the kitchen with the husbands who cooked, served, and cleaned up.

Am very much enjoying Remembered Past: John Lukacs on History, Historians, and Historical Knowledge—A Reader, edited by Mark G. Malvasi and Jeffrey O. Nelson (Wilmington DE, ISI Books, 2005).

Here are a couple of excerpts:

All of the parables of Christ taught us to believe in truth, not in justice.
—“The Presence of Historical Thinking” (2002), Remembered Past, P. 16.

[Pope Pius XII] had to weigh the prospect that his condemnation of the crimes against the Jews, besides being futile, would endanger the spiritual welfare of millions of Catholic Germans. There remain, however, these considerations: If the Catholic Church is the catholic church, and if the pope is the Vicar of Christ, should his concern for the spiritual privileges of Catholics have a necessarily categorical preference over his moral concern for the life and death of non-Catholics? Moreover—was it not possible that the spiritual welfare of German Catholics may have become undermined in a subtle way, by the very fact that their Church and their Pope did not clearly and unequivocally condemn what was wrong?
—“Questions about Pius XII” (1964), Remembered Past, p. 513.

Lukacs quoting Jakob Burckhardt:

Furthermore we must understand that when we try to immerse ourselves wholly in the reading of a classic, only we alone can find what is important for us. No reference work in the world with its quotes can replace that chemical bonding that mysteriously occurs when a phrase found by ourselves illuminates something in our mind, crystallizing itself into a real piece of spiritual property that is ours.
—“Jakob Burckhardt” (1985), Remembered Past, p. 228.

Quoting Simone Weil:

I used to believe, with regard to any problem whatever, that to know was to solve the problem; now I realize that it means to know how the problem concerns me. The world weighs on my free will in such a way as to make me, if I do not resist, the plaything of my impulses; in return, the exercise of my free judgment cannot leave the world untouched.
—“Simone Weil” (1990), Remembered Past, p. 380.

The object of our search should not be the supernatural, but the world. The supernatural is light itself; if we make an object of it we lower it.
—Ibid., p 385


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Took the afternoon off to drive M & O and two of O’s friends to Manchester VT. We all bought some shoes. Afterwards, going west on Route 7 toward Troy on our way to Albany, we stopped at The Epicurean at Sterup Square to pick up something for dinner. Talked with the ”managing partner“ Claire Pogue and went away with chicken noodle soup, eggplant soup, a leek-and-tomato quiche, and a baguette. Everything turned out to be delicious. O’s friends are staying with us for an overnight.

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Put up four Spinners in St. Blog’s Parish Hall. Wonder if MaryH will take them down. If she leaves them, I'll put up a Rosary for the BVM.

Circles for Ascension Day

Forty days after he rose from the dead. Jesus is on the Mount of Olives with his followers. He lifts his hands and blesses them. As they look, he’s himself lifted up and a cloud takes them out of their sight. Two angels dressed in white stand over them.

ANGELS. Men and women of Galilee, why do you stand here staring at the skies? When the Father wills, this Jesus who was taken up from you to heaven will come in the same way you saw him go. But do not wait here: go and receive the Holy Spirit.

So they go back to Jerusalem, to the house where they are staying: Peter, John, James, and Andrew, Philip, Nathaniel, Thomas, and Matthew, Alphaeus’ son James, James’s son Judas, and Simon the Zealot; they devote themselves to prayer, as do the women who walked with Jesus, his mother Mary, his sisters, and his brothers.

Gospel Scenes, 100 Home

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Truth != Justice

Posted yesterday in St. Blog’s Parish Hall:
Do you know that in the Bible (KJV) the word "truth" appears 118 times in the Old Testament and 119 times in the New Testament, whereas the word "justice" appears only 29 times in the Old Testment and not once in the New Testment?

Who is my enemy? The way we view (and blog about) others shows who our friends and enemies are.

I'm finding that my praying to make myself a better person does not work, but that in difficult situations when I pray "have mercy on us sinners," I and others sometimes act better than I fear we will. Mostly the others act better, and I am not put to a test I often fail.


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Pope Benedict XVI

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يايسوع ابن الله الحي، ارحمني أنا الخاطىء

يايسوع ابن الله الحي، ارحمني أنا

Ya Yasoo ibn-allah al-hayy, irhamni anal-khati.

Thanks to Father François Beyrouti of Sts. Peter and Paul Melkite Catholic Church and to Safi Haddad.

See Jesus Prayer Variations.

สมเด็จพระสันตะปาปาเบเนดิกต์ที่ 16

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Happy Easter to all who celebrate Easter today.

Circles for Easter Sunday