Thursday, May 05, 2005 +

Circles for Ascension Day

Forty days after he rose from the dead. Jesus is on the Mount of Olives with his followers. He lifts his hands and blesses them. As they look, he’s himself lifted up and a cloud takes them out of their sight. Two angels dressed in white stand over them.

ANGELS. Men and women of Galilee, why do you stand here staring at the skies? When the Father wills, this Jesus who was taken up from you to heaven will come in the same way you saw him go. But do not wait here: go and receive the Holy Spirit.

So they go back to Jerusalem, to the house where they are staying: Peter, John, James, and Andrew, Philip, Nathaniel, Thomas, and Matthew, Alphaeus’ son James, James’s son Judas, and Simon the Zealot; they devote themselves to prayer, as do the women who walked with Jesus, his mother Mary, his sisters, and his brothers.

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