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A Java applet: 9th of 14 sets of 14 stations

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My PC broke and must be replaced. No or minimal blogging for a while. Will be reading John Lukacs’s Democracy and Populism: Fear and Hatred (New Haven: Yale UP, 2005).

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Notes 90 (J. Budziszewski)

“Probably the best description of my spiritual condition during adolescence is ‘pious, but not holy.’”
J. Budziszewski

We made God wait.

Some years ago, during a long conversation with a Catholic friend who knew of my attraction to the Church, I indulged in a bit of bellyaching. "I can’t call this an objection to Catholic doctrine," I said, "but you can’t deny the flat tonelessness of the language coming from some of the liturgical reforms. Besides, the Church puts up with forms of popular piety that are utterly inconsistent with its own teachings." My example was an urban Catholic church I knew that displayed the motto "MARY, SAVE US" in enormous letters. I said, "You know, I know, and the Church knows that Mary doesn’t save us. Mary points to her Son. Jesus saves us. So why is this tolerated?"

My friend leaned back and answered, "All of this is true. These are real problems. The Church knows about them. But in 200 years they’ll all be taken care of."

It was a preposterous reply, and on another evening, in another mood, I might have considered it glib. That evening, though, it struck me that my friend was viewing things from the perspective of the Church. As a Protestant, I realized that I had a much shorter timeline and that much of what I considered wisdom might actually be impatience. The mystery of the endurance of the Church through the centuries sank in a little deeper.


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A Mandala for Berlioz

A Java applet for Hector Berlioz (b. 11 December 1803–d. 8 March 1869)

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Notes 89

For a practitioner, it is more important to know why certain works are liked than to like them himself.

What I do to the next person I meet, I do to you.

No one has loved you in quite my way before.

Blind from Birth

“I and the Father are one”

Webs for MaryH


Notes 88

Protestantism: an episode in the history of Christianity.

“Each of us is the image and resemblance of a real man.”
—Albert Gleizes, L’Homme devenu peintre