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Novemdiales 2

For Janice and Harry



The Anchoress Has a New Anchorage

Different address, same name: The Anchoress

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Novemdiales 1

For Ancestors




6. As the end of my life approaches I return with my memory to the beginning, to my parents, to my brother, to the sister (I never knew because she died before my birth), to the parish in Wadowice, where I was baptized, to that city I love, to my peers, friends from elementary school, high school and the university, up to the time of the occupation when I was a worker, and then in the parish of Niegowic, then St. Florian's in Krakow, to the pastoral ministry of academics, to the milieu of . . . to all milieux . . . to Krakow and to Rome . . . to the people who were entrusted to me in a special way by the Lord.

To all I want to say just one thing: "May God reward you."

"In manus tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum meum."
A.D. 17.III.2000

. . . /JOHN PAUL II:TESTAMENT/ . . . VIS 050407 (2100)
Thanks to Flos Carmelli and to Legacy Matters


Encomium to John Paul II


“Walk with Me”

Requiem for Pope John Paul II

Requiem + Dies irae + Offertorium
Sanctus + Agnus Dei +Lux aeterna +Libera me


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Procession for John Paul II