Wednesday, July 20, 2005 +

Notes 125

If man is not a problem, religion is not an answer.

Task for the 21st century: make driving to church an unnecessary evil.

Nothing scares Mary, especially spiders, snakes, raccoons, and bats.

An unwilling suspension of belief.

One should only be interested in becoming a saint.

Finality: period; commotion: epoch.

Walking and sitting assume stability.

Annotators are needed, but they need something to annotate.

“The world of those without a mystique. And who boast of it.”—Péguy

“Shakespeare is a veritable windfall for England. If he had never existed, his age would not have have missed him. Soon he was completely forgotten. . . .”—Burckhardt, Judgments on History and Historians, “The Age of Elizabeth”.

When Jacques asserted that Art must Be Questioned, he did not question what was art.

If I walk with you while others tarry, what is that to me?