Tuesday, July 19, 2005 +

02005 07 19 +

Our neighbor Julie R gave us tickets to tonight’s New York City Ballet performance in Saratoga. Swan Lake ( Tschaikovsky [now the preferred spelling?], Balanchine, Vaes), After the Rain (Pärt, Wheeldon), Agon (Stravinsky, Balanchine). Apparently “Choreography by George Balanchine,” or perhaps just “George Balanchine” is © The George Balanchine Trust. Either there was little art tonight, or I was not moved by it. During the first intermission we ran into Hillary McLellan and Roger Wyatt, who are making a move called Life on the Run (Blog), which Roger described as a “La Bohème in the 21st century.” I immediately became inane by coughing and then asking Roger if he was going to include Baz Luhrmann’s L'Amour sign. How easily I am taken away from you!

O has an overnight at MG’s.