Saturday, November 06, 2004 +

Lucille D. Short

d. November 6, 1999 aged 96.

At eleven am today (Saturday, November 6) Lucille joined that "cloud of witnesses" Paul talks about in Heaven. She passed peacefully from here to there and I feel so very good she is relieved of the pain of it all. It has not been easy two weeks and these last days were bearable only because she was sedated. A hip replacement for a 96 year old is not a comfortable procedure.

We will have a private burial service (a scattering of her ashes) at the Episcopal Retreat Center here in Memphis. Good memories will follow after her, both of her and her friends. At the top of that list are the Wongs. She loved you three and I thank you for your constancy in supporting her with cards and letters.

-- Dudley Condron


Dear Gracious Friends in Christ -

This is to bring you the happy news that I have located and purchased with your gift a beautiful memorial to our dear departed friend Lucille.

It is a large Parish Record book for recording births, baptisms, marriages, confirmations, deaths, etc., and I will be carrying it with me when I return to Liberia to the Mission our Order of the Holy Cross founded in 1922. Its cost was exactly the amount of your gift.

St. Mary's Church is the largest parish in the Bolahun Mission [Lofa County, Liberia] and your gift will be a great blessing to them. I am sure Lucille will approve!

You are gracious to memorialize our dear friend. May God bless you for it.

Gratefully in the Risen Lord,
(Fr.) Lee A-G Stevens, OHC


Dear Olivia,

I had no Christmas card to send you or your Mother or Daddy, so I decided to write a note to you. When I went to school I had no pre-school as you have had. I just was put in first grade make it or not. I had 2 teachers before high school: 1-5 was one, 5-8 was the other. On my card once I had "she gives up too easily," and I was afraid to show it to my Dad who was a math teacher, later a cow-man. He sat me down and talked to me about not giving up but just going on and on. I always remembered it.

Love, Lucille