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For Albert Gleizes

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See Gleizes 1934.

"What can be more modest and at the same time greater than the wall-paintings of Saint-Savin, of Montoire, of Berzé-la-Ville? Can we for a moment compare their objective spirituality with the subjective spectacles, marvelously arranged as they may be, of a Raphael, troubled soul whose short life was a failure to decide between Giotto and Michelangelo? Or with those of a Rembrandt, whose methods of chiaroscuro array his subjects in the most majestic effects of light, but cannot give birth to the light itself?"

"'Enter into them' is certainly the word. We cannot keep our distance from such works as we are obliged to do with pictures based on perspective space. We are compelled, by the action of our sight, reclaiming its prerogative of movement, to follow the different directions they offer to the mind. The individual soul finds in them its own recollections and out of these are born meditation and contemplation."

-- Albert Gleizes, "Spirituality, Rhythm, Form" (1943).

For more Gleizes, see Peter Brooke's Albert Gleizes and His School.