Thursday, August 18, 2005 +

Evangelization 3

From The sacrifice of childhood on the altar of progress in Chris Robert’s blog Exploring the Mystery:

Dr. Calvin Miller, in his sermon Is El Ja at Beeson Divinity School, quoted Jacques Barzun:

The difference between revolution and decadence is that when revolutions are going on the church looks out at the world and says, “This is what you better do or we won’t accept you” but when we’re decadent we say, “What do we have to do to get you to come in?”

In an e-mail to me, Chris Roberts explains the title of Dr. Miller’s sermon:

In his sermon, Dr. Miller made several references to Elijah and broke down his name into its meaning—El is Ja, El being a form of God and Ja being a form of Yahweh, Jehova, or Lord. Elijah’s name therefore means God is Lord. So the sermon asks the question is God Lord? We recognize Him to be God, do we also recognize that He is truly Lord?