Tuesday, June 21, 2005 +

02005 06 21 +

Attended my first Pastoral Advisory Council meeting as one of the four newly elected members. We won’t be able to vote until our term begins in September but were encouraged to discuss issues brought up and to help “discern” next year’s officers (“leaders”). Discernment took a long time with no discernable advantages over discussion and vote. The current chairman (“chair”), Dale King, was re-elected (the current bylaws require a vote); Adron Butler was elected cochairman (“cochair&rdquo), and his wife (since you would have asked) Cora Alphonso-Butler was elected secretary. At least two of the new members, Joan Meyer and I, are likely to be vocal, and the other two, Joyce Grogan and Betty Travis, don’t seem shy. It remains to be seen what we shall accomplish.