Friday, May 27, 2005 +

Why I Blog

In answer to a question asked by MaryH in St. Blog’s Parish Hall:

I don’t want to blog, but I would feel like the wicked and slothful servant who hid his one talent in the earth. That talent—perhaps quite common—is a singularity that leads me to make and write things that would otherwise not exist—not because they are difficult but because they are not wanted, at least before they are made, and perhaps for a long time afterwards. But the Giver of the talent wants a return on it, and I try to give it back with interest.

Actually, of course, it is not my talent, but “thy talent”—“his lord’s money.” If I have identified it right, I have obeyed my vocation; if not—

“Does it matter? Grace is everywhere . . . .”

Unlike you I crave an audience and praise, but I have had enough of both to know that I shall only be satisfied by One.

See also Time, Talent, and Treasure.