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Talitha Cumi

From Gospel Scenes

Jesus returns to Capernaum. Jairus, a leader of the synagogue, is in the large crowd of people waiting for him. Going to Jesus, he falls down in front of him and begs for help.

JAIRUS. My little daughter is nearly dead. Please come and put your hands on her. You’ll cure her and she will live.

He goes with Jairus. The crowd follows, jostling them both. Suddenly Jesus turns.

JESUS. Who touched me?

HIS FOLLOWERS. Everybody’s crowding about you and you ask, “Who touched me?”

He continues to look around him. A woman, scared and trembling, steps out of the crowd and falls at his feet.

JESUS. Daughter, rejoice, your faith has made you whole.

The woman had sufffered from hemorrhages for twelve years. She had been treated by many doctors and had spent all she had trying to find a cure but had gotten worse instead of better. Then she heard of Jesus, followed him, and touched his clothes, thinking, “If I can only touch his clothes I shall be cured.”

JESUS. Walk in peace, and be free.

They reach Jairus’ house and see people running about and wailing. Someone comes out and tells Jairus, “Your daughter is dead: send him away.”

JESUS to Jairus. Don’t fear—have faith.

They go into the house.

JESUS to the mourners. Why are running you around wailing? The girl isn’t dead, but sleeping.

The laugh at him bitterly, but he prevails on Jairus to have them sent out of the house. He, Peter, James, and John accompany Jairus and his wife to the girl’s room. A child of about twelve lies in bed. He takes her hand.

JESUS. Talitha cumi: little girl, wake up.

The girl gets out of bed and walks to her parents.

JESUS to Jairus. Tell no one what you have seen. Give the girl something to eat.