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Notes 67

“Whoso acknowledges that the writings of the Evangelists are God’s Word, with him we are willing to dispute; but whoso denies this, with him we will not exchange a word; we may not converse with those who reject the first principles.”
Luther’s Table Talk, XXXII

“Yet, oh! how hard is this to natural sense and reason, that it must strip itself naked, and abandon all it comprehends and feels, depending only upon the bare Word.”
—Ibid., L

“All men now presume to criticize the gospel. Almost every old doting fool or prating sophist must, forsooth, be a doctor in divinity. All other arts and sciences have masters, of whom people must learn, and rules and regulations which must be observed and obeyed; the Holy Scripture only, God’s Word, must be subject to each man’s pride and presumption; hence; so many sects, seducers, and offences.”
—Ibid., LXI

When I am dead, then I shall find out if I am saved.

The Church has let her children be of this world.

True, the Church consists of sinners. But why should certain sinners be called His Excellency?

Did Graham Greene—or Fran├žois Mauriac?— say he was a novelist who happened to be a Catholic? I am a Catholic who happens to be a very bad Catholic.