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From Dorothy L. Sayers, “Preface” to The Mind of the Maker

The Christian affirmation is . . . that the Trinitarian structure which can be shown to exist in the mind of man and in all his works is, in fact, the integral structure of the universe, and corresponds, not by pictorial imagery but by a necessary uniformity of substance with the nature of God, in Whom all that is exists. This, I repeat, is the Christian affirmation. It is not my invention, and its truth or falsehood cannot be affected by any opinions of mine. I shall try only to demonstrate that the statements made in the Creeds about the Mind of the Divine Maker represent, so far as I am able to check them by my experience, true statements about the mind of the human maker. If the statements are theologically true [i.e., true about God], then the inference to be drawn about the present social and educational system is important, and perhaps alarming, but I have expressed [in The Mind of the Maker] no personal opinion about their theological truth or otherwise. . . .