Thursday, November 11, 2004 +

02004 11 11 +

We spent Veterans Day in Great Barrington. Jude was with us. On the way, we stopped in West Stockbridge at Charles H. Baldwin & Sons to buy some vanilla extract as a present for the Holdens. In GB, I came across in a used-book store a quotation from Max Beloff about JB which I had read before and which I have now added to From the Barzun File. Bought in Rabiner's two bars (Jude paid for one) of Bernard Castelain chocolat noir, one “Intense 77%” and the other “Extreme 85%,” because I couldn't remember which I liked better. Mary bought an assortment of olives from the same store. Coming back, we listened on tape to some of The Story-Teller: A Session with Charles Laughton, including his “Chartres Cathedral Story.”