Saturday, September 25, 2004 +


Pedagogy. The feat of teaching.

I'd rather write than be right.

The whole family: Darter, Martyr, and Farter.

Now it is safe to turn off your computer.

My wife swims like a fish out of water.

Saliva is the soul of spit.

Hannah Banana, Maya Papaya, and Kumquat May

"Fleas": Adam Had 'em.

"Flea": It Bit.

"Me": I? My!

"O": O

Father Cofi decoiffinated.

"No, no, Dot, he doesn't have nun experience!"

Ada's Enough

Feher is Feher.

Jennifer Donohue (Zakkai), a muse amused

Telford McAdam

John Taylor, Bel Ami