Friday, September 17, 2004 +

Dictionary of Accepted Ideas

Abortion. In Jesus' words: "good will it be for this one if it is never born" (Mark 14:21).

Bigotry. Be against racial or religious bigotry.

Catholicism. Branch of Christianity.

Evil. Another religious superstition. Ask: "When will we get beyond good and evil?"

Evolution. Proved by science.

The Future.
Like it or not, it's irresistable.

God. In sermons, acts "in a very special way".

vt. To make human. In the McVeigh trial the prosecution humanized the victims to obtain a conviction. After the conviction the defense humanized McVeigh in hopes of leniency.

Worse than atheists.

Interface. The best are intuitive. Praise user-friendly interfaces.

Knowledge. It's exploding. If people in the past only knew what we know now.

Language. Native speakers can't make mistakes in their own language.

Less Fortunate. We must help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Life. Regrettably unfair.

Minds. Impregnable.

Nonsense. "Religious nonsense."

Paul. The founder of Christianity. Paul totally misunderstood Jesus.

Politicians. They deny everything.

Prayer. Good for a person's health.

Progress. It can't be stopped.

Reading. Easier than writing.

Reality. Always harsh.

Religion. A matter of belief. Better kept private. Defend the separation of Church and State.

Science. Describes reality. Always advancing. More true than philosophy, more good than religion, more beautiful than art.

Shots. They ring out.

Talking. Harder than listening.

Time. It's moving faster than ever. Anything you can buy is already out-of-date.